Creative Adda is getting ready!.

We got some crazy creativity keep bouncing within us, and we are done controling it! Instead, we've decided to unleash it to make this world much more beautiful; by creating mesmarizing graphic designs, printing and promoting solutions; by offering effective, offordable and brilliant IT Solutions; by capturing your precious moments in to stunning, exquisite, pleasing and poetic images; by providing detailed, honest and multi-media reports for the research needs and working with production teams by guiding them



Surekhi provides Printing and Designing Services. Surekhi offers Desing & making of LED Glow sign boards, Catalogue Design & Print, Brochures Design & Print, Visual Aids Design & Print, Logo Design, Calendars Design & Print, Danglers Design & Print, Labels Design & Print, Posters Design & Print, Paper Carry Bags Design & Print, Stickers Design & Print, Tag Design & Print and Offset & Digital services.


AURA IT Solutions is a vertical of Creative Adda, with commitment and passion for providing value to its customers by enabling technology. At AURA, we firmly believe that technology can create value only if it helps organizations to achieve their business objectives and sustained competitive advantage.


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Some of our Works

Following are few samples of our work